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Session Title: Meatfree Monday - A global campaign to address climate change through reducing meat consumption.


Opening Remarks and Welcome

Morgan Johnson, Meatless Monday (USA)
Isabelle Dudouet-Bercegeay, Végé Cook (FRANCE)
Jacques Boutault, Mayor 2e arrondissement Paris (FRANCE)
Elbaek Uffe, Danish Parliament (DENMARK)
Peggy Neu, Meatless Monday (USA)

Latest science on the impact of meat production on climate change and health

Raychel Santo, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (USA)
Jerome Bernard-Pellet, Health Professionals Association for Responsible Nutrition (FRANCE)
Tobias Leenart, EVA/Donderdag Veggiedag (BELGIUM)
Hyunjoo Lee, Meat Free Monday Korea (KOREA)

Updates from global partners

Graeme and Etienne Trevayne, Meat Free Mondays Belgium (BELGIUM)
Elodie Vielle Blanchard, l'Association Végétarienne de France (FRANCE)
Archer Change, Meat Free Monday Taiwan (TAIWAN)


Updates from global partners

Panel 1 – Promotion in schools & universities

Panel 2 – Promotion in restaurants and catering services

Panel 3 – Promotion in the media


Anne Faber, Meatfree Mondays Luxembourg (LUXEMBOURG)
Cassia Moraes, Segunda Sem Carne (BRAZIL)
Eleanor Boyle, Meatless Monday Canada (CANADA)
Emmanuel Eyoh, Meatless Monday Nigeria (NIGERIA)
Francesca Molica, Lunedi No Meat (ITALY)
Jacqui Sinclair, Meatless Monday Jamaica (JAMAICA)
Kristie Middleton, Humane Society of the United States (USA)
Mark Stein, Salford University (UNITED KINGDOM)
Miki Haimovich, Meatless Monday Israel (ISRAEL)
Nicola Pearson, Meat Free Monday UAE (UAE)
Noor AlNasrallah, Meatless Monday Kuwait (KUWAIT)

Thanks and Closing Remarks – 10 min

Morgan Johnson, Meatless Monday (USA)

VIDEO – Meat Free Monday UK (UK)


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